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Confronting Capitalism

Edited by Eddie Yuen, Daniel Burton-Rose and George Katsiaficas

This collection of essays conveys the views of scholars and activists on the continuing impact of the Black Panther Party, which inspired thousands to join their movement to transform "the system." Liberation, Imagination, and the Black Panther Party offers a fresh and realistic recounting of the tumultuous history of what arguably became the most significant revolutionary organization in the US during the late 20th century.

"Required reading for anyone seeking to unravel the history of the Black Panther Party and to examine its influence on the continuing struggle of African people inside the United States. These powerful essays provide a critical, penetrating view of organized resistance in the face of stark racism, and vicious government repression. This work offers a profound analysis of the US government's continued persecution of ex-panthers, many of whom have been political prisoners for more than 25 years."
- Assata Shakur, former member, Black Panther Party